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Carton Heaven - The Real Recycling Solution for Beverage Cartons & Cups
When beverage cartons come to the end of their useful life, what happens? Where do they go? Is there an Afterlife? Most of the time, cartons are stripped of their plastic and aluminum layers to salvage the good paper pulp, to be recycled into products like tissue. This is a downcycling solution that saves trees, but creates a lot of residual waste and requires a lot of energy and water. 

What if the cartons could carry on, in their most pure form, with all their best properties, without compromising their environmental impact? When cartons make it to ReWall, the entire composite material is used to create inherently moisture and mold resistant, durable composite panels.

The ReWall manufacturing process uses zero water, and very little energy, to upcycle the most eco-friendly food packaging into high performance building materials.

Real Green Manufacturing
We proudly make our building products from 100% recycled beverage cartons, cups and their components. ReWall's zero waste zero water process with a miniature carbon footprint differs vastly from manufacturing of the traditional materials we replace. We use no formaldehyde glues, water or hazardous chemicals. We take a typically very hard to recycle composite material - cartons, and upcycle them into very durable, moisture and mold resistant composite panels. 

Real Closed-Loop Solutions
Your State needs to reduce your landfills. Your city wants to offer more recycling options and include more products in the single stream recycling system. Your schools want to educate the next generations of recyclers and show them firsthand how easy it can be…In Iowa, the DNR offered a significant financial backing and committed to build with ReWall. The cities of Des Moines and Waterloo have mandated their contractors to use ReWall instead of plywood in vacant property board-ups. And the Des Moines Public schools started using boards and ceiling tiles made from their kids’ milk cartons…now that’s how it’s done – the real world, closed-loop sustainability practices that make sense! NEXT: Coffee stores built from their own recycled coffee cups!

Impact on Landfills
The contribution of ReWall to the landfill reduction is easy to demonstrate based on the sheer volume of waste that is converted into ReWall. About 30 cartons make up a single 2’x2’ ReWall ceiling tile and at least 400 cartons are recycled in each and every 1/2"x4’x8’ ReWall board. This means that each truckload of ReWall products removes almost 300,000 cartons from the landfill!