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ReWall Doubles Manufacturing Capacity

Contractor Supply Magazine, September 27, 2017
Affirming that demand is increasing for environmentally friendly products, the ReWall Company announced today that it is doubling its manufacturing capacity of roofing products and other construction materials made from recycled food and beverage cartons, such as milk cartons, juice boxes, broth and soup containers.

Carton Recycling Sees Communities Signing on All Across the Country

American Recycler, October 3, 2016
In new markets, the Carton Council employs a number of strategies to raise awareness about access to carton recycling – starting with where people generally purchase cartons – at grocery stores and retailers. They work closely with companies across a myriad of industries that are recycling food and beverage cartons in new and innovative ways. ReWall Company, for example, manufactures high quality green building materials using recycled food and beverage cartons...

Building New Uses for Recycled Cartons

Brand Packaging, September 21, 2016
There is another, newer option for carton recycling. Cartons are being shipped to a manufacturing company like ReWall, where the entire carton—caps and all—gets used. The cartons are shredded and press-melted into high-quality green building materials, such as roof cover board, exterior sheathing, moisture- and mold-resistant composite panels, ceiling panels, and wallboard and backer board.

5 Emerging Materials: New Options for Apartment Developers

Multihousing News, July 13, 2015
Cookie-cutter apartment communities are out, but some multifamily developers do a better job than others at bringing fresh, new product to the market. How do they do it? It takes collaboration with the right design team for sure. But you don’t have to outsource all the creativity to them. If you really want to know what’s new and what’s next in the materials that can bring a fresh new approach to your apartment assets, you’re ready to explore Material ConneXion.

Three ways we will build the cities of the future from waste

The Guardian, June 19, 2015
Truly sustainable cities of the future will not differentiate between waste and resource. Rather, they will understand waste as the starting point for something new. Ideas and initatitves are taking shape that provide a glimpse of how we could build our urban environments more sustainably in the future. 

A Pavilion Made from Waste Products

New York, NY, May 27, 2015
For the IDEAS CITY Festival in New York at the end of May, ETH Zurich constructed a 90 m2 pavilion made from ReWall. The project, led by ETH Global and Professor Dirk E. Hebel and Professor Philippe Block, aims to show the immense potential of waste for the construction sector.

ReWall Selected to Receive Chase's Mission Main Street Grant

New York, NY, January 21, 2015
Today Chase announced that ReWall is one of the 20 small businesses that will each receive $150,000 Mission Main Street Grants® to help them thrive. Representatives from the 20 grant recipients received a trip to premier sponsor, Google’s headquarters in California for an exclusive small business marketing workshop this February. Google will also provide a Chromebook Laptop computer and a $2,000 coupon toward one market research study with Google Consumer Surveys.

Chase’s grant program provides an opportunity for 20 small business owners to take their businesses to new heights by receiving an equal share of $3 million in grant funds. Also, all eligible applicants received access to a free marketing toolkit containing useful information and assets to help them promote their small businesses more effectively.

Nearly 25,000 business owners from all 50 states submitted applications for this year’s Mission Main Street Grants program, and more than 1.6 million votes were cast for participating small businesses. A diverse team of small business experts selected the grant recipients from the group of eligible businesses that received at least 250 votes.

ReWall's Off-the-wall Solution

Recycling Today, January 2015
ReWall's CEO Jan Rayman introduces an alternative to paper mills for US MRFs that recover beverage cartons. Read the whole article on pages 62 - 67 of the Recycling Today magazine here.