Kelly Green Boards feature 100% recycled content, moisture and abuse resistance, highest mold resistance rating by ASTM D3273 (10), no VOCs, and Class A flame spread rating.

Kelly Green Board

Kelly Green Board is a unique composite roof cover board of 100% recycled material. The content is shredded and compressed, giving the user a sustainable and superior performing product. Kelly Green Boards are made of a water resistant core and surfaced either with paper or coated fiberglass facer. Custom size boards are available upon request. 


Thickness: 1/2" ± 1/16"
Width: 4' ± 1/8"
Length: 4', 8' or 9' ± 1/8"
Weight: 1.80 lb/SF
Surface:  Paper or Fiberglass Mat
Edge:  Square
Flexural Strength:   78 lbf max load
Compressive Strength:  3,900 psi
Water Vapor Transmission:  <1 Perms
Volatile Organic Compounds: None
Mold Resistance:  10 out of 10
Flame Spread:  Class A in ASTM E108 for TPO, EPDM, PVC and asphalt emulsion


Overlayment/Cover Board
Reroof/Recover Board
Separator Board
Vapor Barrier Substrate
Substrate for Self-Adhered Systems


Kelly Green Board Specification Sheet
Kelly Products Brochure