All ReWall products feature 100% recycled content, moisture and abuse resistance, highest mold resistance rating by ASTM D3273 (10), no VOCs, and Class C or higher flame spread rating.

ReWall QuarterBack Floor Underlayment

ReWall QuarterBack is a high-performance flooring underlayment. It has the sound control of cork, the compressive and flexural strength of cement board, and the workability of engineered wood. Like all ReWall products, the QuarterBack is inherently moisture and mold resistant, without added chemicals, adhesives or biocides. These unique properties make ReWall QuarterBack an ideal underlayment solution for all kinds of flooring products, including laminate floors, hardwood, ceramic tile and carpets. 



Thickness: 1/4" ± 1/16"
Width: 4' ± 1/8"
Length: 4', 8' or 9' ± 1/8"
Weight: 1.00 lb/SF at 1/4"
Surface:  Paper or Fiberglass Mat
Edge:  Square
Volatile Organic Compounds: None
ASTM D3043 (Flex): 52 lbf max load
ASTM D2394-83 (Compression): 3,900 psi
STM E492 & E90 (Sound): IIC 50 dB, STC 52 dB
ASTM E96 (Vapor Transmission):  <1 Perms
ASTM D3273-12 (Mold):  10 out of 10
ASTM E84 (Flame Spread and Smoke):  Class B


Sound Insulation in High Rise Buildings
Floor Underlayment
Tile Backer
Vapor Barrier Substrate


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