The future of exterior sheathing has arrived - a structural water, air and vapor barrier, thermal and acoustical insulator, 100% recycled and recyclable, moisture and mold resistant, red list/VOC free - all in one, affordable ReWall board

ReWall EssentialBoard

ReWall EssentialBoard is a unique structural composite panel made of 100% upcycled material. The core is made from shredded and compressed composite beverage packaging, giving the user a sustainable and superior performing product. Finished with a moisture resistant facing paper on both sides, the ReWall EssentialBoard is a non-permeable, durable wall product that also contributes to thermal (R-1) and acoustical performance of any wall system. Custom size boards and optional surface facings such as R-foil or fiberglass mat are available upon request. 


Thickness: 1/2" ± 1/16"
Width: 4' ± 1/8"
Length: 8' or 9' ± 1/8"
Weight: 1.85 lb.
Surface:  Paper, Fiberglass Mat or R-foil
Edge:  Square or Tapered
Volatile Organic Compounds: None
Shear Value:   574 plf
Bending Value:  4,674 psi
ASTM D3043 (Flex): 78 lbf max load at 1/2"
ASTM D2394-83 (Compression): 3,900 psi
ASTM C518 (Thermal Transmission):  R-1 at 1/2"
ASTM E413 (Sound Transmission Class):  26dB
ASTM E96 (Vapor Transmission):  0.69 Perms
ASTM D3273-12 (Mold Resistance):  10 out of 10
ASTM E84 (Flame Spread): Class C


Exterior Sheathing
Stucco System Substrate
Mold and Abuse Resistant Interior Wallboard
Utility Board


EB Specification Sheet
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