Welcome to the home of true recycling and the birthplace of the greenest and healthiest high performance building materials! 


Performance First

After 15 years of development in Europe, over 3 years of the additional R&D and field experience in the US, and a battery of the US testing and certifications, ReWall products offer an unparalleled combination of properties in one-of-a-kind design that is packed with high performance.

Moisture resistance: It’s made from 100% upcycled packaging that is designed to hold liquids for years! Mold resistance: 10 out of 10 in the mold growth test.
Durability: Just look at the 16-pound bowling ball bouncing off of ReWall. Strength: EssentialBoard was labeled a structural sheathing product after it broke SBCRI’s testing equipment.
VOC emissions: Take FDA approved food packaging, use no glues, add no chemicals, make boards that emit zero VOCs.
Compression strength? Twice as good as cement boards.
Sound insulation? Same Impact Insulation Class as specialty cork products. 

Design & Branding

ReWall’s solutions to our clients’ needs are wrapped in custom designs. The variety of sizes, surfaces and colors makes ReWall an ultimate marketers dream.

Fast foods can build their stores from their own cup waste. Schools can install new ceiling tiles made from their kids’ milk cartons. Cities can board up their vacant buildings with boards made from their waste. Companies can install protective wallboards that come pre-finished in their company colors. If a customer needs one wall washable and the other printable, one ReWall board can provide both!

Price & Cost Reduction

ReWall delivers its unique properties and unparalleled eco-friendliness at or below the price of the comparable products such as moisture, mold and abuse resistant drywall, FSC certified plywood, cement boards, ceiling tiles, roof cover boards, FRPs etc. Even the cheapest drywall will cost more in the end than ReWall’s NakedBoard, which doesn’t require taping, mudding, sanding and painting! 

How else can you save with ReWall?Flooded basement walls needed to be gutted and replaced?  Beat up garage walls needed to be repainted? Dorm walls needed to be patched up every year? 17% of gypsum products get damaged and thrown away before they even make it to the jobsite...

Those who understand the real cost of ownership look for smarter, innovative solutions to achieve significant short- AND long-term savings. Well, look no further...just learn about the ReWallution!